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SpaceZeta Games

SpaceZeta Games is an indie game developer located in Brazil and created by Ana Rocha, who currently operates as a solo game developer and 3D artist.

As a game developer, SpaceZeta Games released Observo in October of 2022, an early 2000s-styled horror game, and is currently working on a new, as yet unnamed, game project.

As a 3D artist, SpaceZeta works freelance and also has a variety of 3D props available for sale as well as for free, to be used by other game developers and artists in their own projects.

Get high quality and game-ready

Realistic props for your projects

SpaceZeta Games has a variety of prop packs available for sale (and some for free!) on the Unity Asset Store, CGTrader and ArtStation. They're all carefully made to be of the highest quality possible while still keeping a fairly low poly count, using PBR texture maps to deliver a realistic look for each object. SpaceZeta Games also offers full support for both paid and free packs in case of any inquiries or issues you may encounter.